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Thread: Elio Engine Specs - New IAV Engine - 0.9 Liter - 55 HP

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    they had to do something to get the advertised 84mpg. besides the speed limit is what 80 70 in most states. 55 on rual roads. so as long as it goes that fast. and remember it is lighter than a car so maybe they re-figured the engine size and determined that .88 was good enough. they have all the specs so they may have the insight to know they can change it and still get what they need from the performance side. and we are not getting this for racing we are getting it for economy remember. plus the engine maker you all wanted may not be able to make the 1 L engine the size to fit the car/bike so they had to scale it back some. if you look at the front of the unit is is not very wide and that new engine may stick out more than it should. the proto engine fit good. i still say it is a g10 engine.

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    Sometimes advertised and real world can be two different things. If you live in a hilly area and are forced to keep your foot in it in order to maintain your speed....your real world mileage can take a real hit.

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    Besides, HP is a bogus number for anything except top speed. What we really need to see is the torque curve. The typical Class 8 truck usually has ~400 HP on tap, but will roll 80 mph with an 80,000 pound weight all day long. It does it with 1400 lb-ft of torque. Torque is what moves a vehicle and I want to see the torque curve.

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    My Honda VT750 weighs 660LBS, and has 45HP, ~48LB ft of torque.

    It has a V-twin; 2 cylinders; 750cc and with the right gearing might top out at 105MPH, I only get it upto 103MPH for a short while, but it cruises 85MPH all day, possibly 90MPH all day as well.

    It's as close as I can come to the Elio from the vehicles I have at home.

    It accelerates quite peppy, 0-60 in no time (faster than most cars).

    According to the numbers, the Elio should be a blast to ride as it is.. Complaining because they went down from the 70HP, which would have been way too much anyway, to 50HP? They probably did it to reduce fuel consumption, and still would hit the 100MPH target, all the while it would accelerate faster from a red light than most cars!

    If the Elio would weigh 900LBS, it would compare to a standard sedan car with 200HP.
    If it would come down to 1000LBS, it would compare to a ~175HP car.

    Divide weight by peak HP output, and you get following results:

    22.30 LBS / HP 2011 Chevrolet Cruze
    19.00 LBS / HP 2003 Dodge Neon Se
    13.19 LBS / HP 2005 Dodge Neon SRT-4
    20.70 LBS / HP 2003 PT Cruiser
    19.78 LBS / HP 2013 Chevrolet Sonic Hatchback 1,8L NA
    18.45 LBS / HP 2013 Chevrolet Sonic Hatchback 1,4L Turbo
    20.31 LBS / HP 2013 Honda Civic
    14.42 LBS / HP 2013 Honda Civic Si
    20.66 LBS / HP 2013 Ford Fusion 2.4 liter NA
    15.26 LBS / HP 2013 Ford Fusion 2.0 liter turbo

    The Elio would probably be around 18.00 LBS / HP, very comparable to a Dodge Neon Se I used to own before, or the highly raved Chevrolet Sonic with 1,4 Liter turbo engine.
    It was a fun car, loved to press the pedal to the metal on that thing, but it wasn't a racing car. Still, faster than your average <$20k Toyota, Honda, Kia, Chevrolet, Hyundai, and Ford cars.

    A lower number usually means peppier response.
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    Good post, MeeLee.

    I know 2 people that have Honda 750s.

    They both report consistant 55mpg.

    I'm still wondering how Elio will achieve better than this with a larger 3-cyl engine.

    Right now, Elio is still only speculation and advertisement.

    But, while not giving away any of my money, I remain optimistic that Elio can pull it off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toneman View Post
    I'm still wondering how Elio will achieve better than this with a larger 3-cyl engine.
    Because Motorcycles are very aerodynamically draggy. Two different worlds we are talking about.

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    Two different worlds we are talking about.
    2 different worlds indeed:

    Real and Imaginary. LOL!!!

    Yamaha V Star 1300
    Yamahaís hulking 1300cc V Star touring bike goes a long way towards proving the old ďitís not what you ride, itís how you ride itĒ theme. The big, loping V-twin makes big power at WOT, but has a tiny appetite for fuel when itís lazily cruising along, getting a reported 78 mpg!

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    Put a streamlined fairing around that Yamaha and see what happens to mpg.

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    Really I want to see how long it takes before someone puts the Triumph Rocket 2300cc 3 cylinder in an Elio.

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